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Today, Aderan Wars made a small contribution of 100 Euro to UNICEF, as a sign of support for the great cause that UNICEF fights for. Even small contributions can make a big difference. 100 Euros for example, is enough to purchase 2127 Tetanus vaccinations and can save many lives.

UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund is an organisation, which has been created to provide emergency food and healthcare to countries devastated by World War II. Currently UNICEF provides humanitarian aid and development assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. UNICEF also provides emergency aid in wartorn countries, such as Libya following the start of the civil war.

UNICEF fights against hunger, for better health care, education of children and also for children's rights, providing food, medical supplies and assisstance wherever needed. The following video shows some of the achievements, which have been accomplished with the help of UNICEF in 2011.

Global Records
Attack Units Killed:440,662,175
Defense Units Killed:220,807,853
Agents Killed:391,534,141
Income Units Killed:61,285,354
Total Units Killed:1,114,289,523
Untrained Units Raided:2,831,856,498
Kuwal Stolen:2,428,081,126,342,866
Weapon Value Destroyed:576,434,386,574,057
Attack Turns Used:17,811,058
Supply Turns Used:4,510,543
Total War Experience:170,190,670,149

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